TeleDICOM - Start
TeleDICOM is an environment for collaborative and interactive work on medical documents. The idea of the system is to provide an easy but powerful way to exchange doctors' expert knowledge from any place where computer network is available. The system integrates specialized software tools for single- and multiframe DICOM medical images processing, such as distance and angle measurement, Hounsfield window adjustment for CT images or highly-specialized measurement tools for echocardiography examinations together with interactive communication tools.

TeleDICOM supports both non-interactive and interactive medical teleconsultations. In the the more advanced, interactive mode all the activities performed on medical data are synchronized across all the client applications connected to a TeleDICOM session. As a result it gives doctors an impression of being involved in an on-site medical consultation session but performed without forcing them to move from their workplace. TeleDICOM has been successfully deployed and has been in everyday service for 5 years (currently in 25 hospitals located in south Poland). Read more...